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Family Involvement

If you are interested in getting involved or helping Desert Cove Elementary, there are many different ways you can contribute and become a part of the school family.

  • Desert Cove Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • United Parent Council (UPC)
  • Tax Credit Donations
  • Donate Online
  • Mail-In Donation Form
  • Volunteer in the Classroom or as a Duty Aide
  • Become a Vendor
  • Become an Internship Partner
  • Join Our Staff

Desert Cove Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Desert Cove’s PTO is committed to providing the best experience for our students, staff, and families. With your input, participation, and support we can accomplish that goal together. Our PTO strives to help build a better future for our students.

Desert Cove PTO Objectives

  • Assist the staff in working for the benefit of the students of Desert Cove Elementary School.
  • Establish committees and sponsor programs that enhance student educational opportunities.
  • Remain current with PVSchools events and maintain leadership by which parents and community may unite toward common goals more effectively.
  • Provide representation of the parents’ unified goals after every individual has been given an equal voice in the decision making process.
  • Facilitate communication between students, parents and staff of Desert Cove Elementary School.
  • Promote the welfare of youth in home, school, and community.

To learn about our PTO at Desert Cove, visit the DCES PTO website

DCES PTO website

United Parent Council (UPC)

Paradise Valley United Parent Council is a district-wide parent group that has been active in Paradise Valley Unified School District for more than 30 years and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Looking out for the interest of students is our primary goal. We do this by offering parents support, information, and opportunities to be influential voices in the decisions that affect their children's education. 

Learn More by Visiting the UPC Website

Tax Credit Donation

An excellent way to make an important contribution to education at Desert Cove Elementary is through tax credit donations. For each donation, you’ll receive an income tax credit for the full amount you contribute with a max of $200 (or $400 per married couple).

You can donate online or through a mail-in form.

Consider Donating Today!