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Desert Cove teachers provide top-notch academic instruction using the Common Core State Standards and the district-approved curriculum. The students at Desert Cove have access to enriching programs such as Wonders, Really Great Reading, Hegarty, 95%, Zearn, and Eureka, ensuring an exhilarating and interactive learning experience. 

The dedicated educators are fully committed to providing personalized education, offering daily small-group and whole-group instruction that caters to each student's unique needs. 

The mission of the Curriculum Department is to increase student achievement through the provision of systemic innovative curricula characterized by standards and research-based educational programs that deliver effective and differentiated instruction in partnership with schools, families, and the diverse PVSchools community.

In PVSchools, we engage, inspire, and nurture students through high-quality instruction, meaningful educational opportunities, and dynamic learning experiences. Curriculum, adhering to Arizona state standards, is adopted transparently with opportunities for community feedback.

Curriculum Adoptions

To nurture creativity, curiosity, and strategic thinking through dynamic learning experiences, PVSchools routinely evaluates curriculum resources and provides recommendations for curriculum adoptions.

Learn more about current adoptions